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About us



We are a well established property development company based in West Yorkshire and working locally but also regionally and nationally when a suitable project opportunity arises.

One of our main specialisms is the creation of contemporary living spaces achieved by the sympathetic conversion of historic and listed buidlings. Our reputation and portfolio in this area of work is of the highest standard. Working with major Architectural and design partners we have undertaken many major conversion projects, some of which are shown on these pages.

We specialise in the extraordinary and unusual projects - old houses, mills and factories are some examples of where we have built some amazing living spaces from derelict and unloved buildings. Of course we retain our eye for the heritage of these buildings and incorporate all original features where this is possible to enhance our clients accomodation.

We can create additional value to buildings by effective underpinning, bringing under utilised below ground levels into use - an example of this can be seen in the photographs from the Grange Manor project in Norland.


The expertise which permeates the company begins with the creative flair in the design department, where designers prepare initial concepts interpreting clients requirements while acknowledging the changing face of design and fashion trends.

Whatever the project, be it a commercial property, individual home, renovation or conversion, the design team will produce lifelike concepts which take into account the raw materials, manufacturing and finishing techniques required.

Every project has consultation at its heart, with the company providing illustrations for client approval, along with materials samples and swatches to ensure the outcome is to the clients highest wishes.

As building techniques, design styles and customer requirements change, WEL Build prides itself on its awareness of not only today’s but tomorrow’s marketplace………….

Project Management

At WEL Build, customer service is more than just a statement of intent, it’s an intrinsic part of the company’s whole operation. This is evident from the first contact with the company and is demonstrated by our personal commitment to first class project management of every job, both large and small.

From initial planning to completion of the project, the company assigns a senior member of the management team to control each development. Its their job to ensure total customer satisfaction by controlling every step, interpreting client needs and designs, managing contracts and providing first class quality control in the production phase.

Effective project management is a key factor in our success, having the expertise on tap to ensure effective use of resources and to generate excellent performance  within budgets, programme times and quality control, giving WEL Build an edge over our competitors.

The calibre of our contract management is second to none and its importance in achieving customer satisfaction is paramount in our thinking.

Professionalism takes on a personal face with WEL Build, to reassure clients of regular communication and total responsibility, our services can only be as good as its people and we’ve got the best…………….


Only the best is good enough in our manufacturing process, where skilled craftsmen and modern production equipment combine to meet the high standards of todays construction industry.

Traditional skills live on at WEL Build, where our expertise in specialist finishing can be seen on every project. Hand crafting in traditional or modern materials, coupled with speedy yet meticulous attention to detail enables us to transcend the ages producing the finest contemporary and traditional results.

French Polishing, Cabinet Making and Wood veneering capability are just some of the techniques we use to maintain superb finishes and guarantee quality and customer satisfaction within our precision centred approach.

On Site

A well controlled and highly skilled workforce is available and is instilled with the WEL Build virtues of quality and customer satisfaction to ensure that the reputation of the company is enhanced and professionalism continues on site.

Controlling our own deliveries produces a more efficient working unit on site, resulting in minimal disruption to the client and maximises effectiveness.

We specialise in renovations and restorations and pride ourselves in our expertise and experience in this area of construction, be it in the retail, commercial or residential fields. Protected and listed buildings are another of our areas of expertise.

Our burgeoning list of clients fully demonstrate the confidence extolled in us by major British companies and significant private clients.